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Established in 1985, IFAD, led by Mr. Iftekhar Ahmed Tipu, quickly grew into a prominent business conglomerate, spanning industries like automobiles, lubricant, industrial compressor, food, toiletries, media, and information technology. Recognized as a top employer, IFAD prioritizes ethical practices, societal impact, and innovation across its diverse ventures. The group's impressive growth mirrors Mr. Ahmed's commitment to advancing the nation's economic landscape, showcased through leadership roles, influential books, and continued involvement in key organizations.

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Iftekhar Ahmed Tipu

The man behind the Empire

The man behind the Empire


IFAD Group is rooted in Bangladesh's development. We have advanced hand-in-hand with the country's progress, catering to the nation's need for transportation, food, and industrial expansion. Unwavering in our promise of customer satisfaction through superior product quality, we have thrived for over three decades and will remain committed to improving the lives of all our stakeholders.


Iftekhar Ahmed Tipu

Chairman, IFAD Group

Our Companies

IFAD Autos LtdIFAD Autos Ltd


Since 1985
Since 1985 IFAD Autos PLC. has served the transportation needs of Bangladesh operating as the sole dealer of Ashok Leyland of India to provide a massive range of commercial vehicles including trucks, buses and special application vehicles.
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IFAD Multi Products LtdIFAD Multi Products Ltd

IFAD Multi Products Ltd.

Since 2002
IFAD Multi Products Ltd. is a leading FMCG manufacturer and distributor in Bangladesh. The product range includes flour, biscuits, noodles, extruded snacks, cakes, chips, and more that are continually developed to match consumer tastes everywhere.
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IFAD Home Care LtdIFAD Home Care Ltd

IFAD Home Care Ltd.

Since 2020
IFAD Home Care Ltd manufactures and distributes a range of personal and household care products, including dishwashing detergents, floor cleaners, disinfectants, hand wash, and more. Our processes reflect a commitment to social and environmental awareness.
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IFAD Motors LtdIFAD Motors Ltd

IFAD Motors Ltd.

Since 2021
IFAD Motors has marketed Apollo Tyres in Bangladesh since 2021 with 160 dealers. From 2024, it's the exclusive Royal Enfield distributor and manufacturer, a brand with a British legacy in over 50 countries.
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IFAD Auto Services LtdIFAD Auto Services Ltd

IFAD Auto Services Ltd.

Since 2016
Established in 2016, IFAD Auto Services Ltd. ensures robust after-sales support for commercial vehicles through a network of over 350 retail parts outlets, 10 authorized service stations, 1700 certified mechanics, and 20 own service centers nationwide.
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IFAD Enterprise LtdIFAD Enterprise Ltd

IFAD Enterprises Ltd.

Since 1986
IFAD Enterprises Ltd. supplies power equipment and machinery, collaborating on various projects with the Bangladesh government. As the exclusive distributor of ELGI Equipments (India), it is a significant player in the nationwide industrial air compressor market.
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IFAD Information & Technology LimitedIFAD Information & Technology Limited

IFAD Information & Technology Ltd.

Since 2015
IFAD Information and Technology is a leading IT solutions provider specializing in Vehicle Management Systems. Our services encompass vehicle GPS tracking, security surveillance, document management, and customizable dashboards, delivering comprehensive solutions for efficient operations.
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Gulf Oil Bangladesh Ltd.Gulf Oil Bangladesh Ltd.

Gulf Oil Bangladesh

Since 2018
IFAD Autos PLC. and Gulf Oil International formed a Joint Venture, operating as Gulf Oil Bangladesh, to cater to the local market. A blending plant is being set up at the Mireshorai Economic Zone to meet both local demand and regional export requirements.
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39 Years of Unceasing Progress and Success

News & Events

IFAD Group is rooted in the very development of the country of Bangladesh

IFAD Group is rooted in the very development of the country of Bangladesh.

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Tire Industry Giant ‘Apollo’ ties up with IFAD group

Apollo Tyres has tied up with Bangladesh-based IFAD group, one of the biggest business houses specialising in automobiles, which is also a distributor for Ashok Leyland.

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Fatema Binte Shafik wins ‘Master of Food Plating’

Fatema Binte Shafik wins ‘Master of Food Plating’ Fatema Binte Shafik wins ‘Master of Food Plating’

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ইফাদ অটোস-এর সেলস কনফারেন্স অনুষ্ঠিত হলো কক্সবাজার

ইফাদ অটোস-এর সেলস কনফারেন্স অনুষ্ঠিত হলো কক্সবাজারে।

ইফাদ অটোস-এর সেলস কনফারেন্স অনুষ্ঠিত হলো কক্সবাজারে।

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Gulf Oil International signs joint venture deal with IFAD Autos

Gulf Oil International signs joint venture deal with IFAD Autos

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