Why be a part of IFAD family?

Great Working Environment

A friendly and collaborative environment that cultivates willingness, good relationship, and optimism among people. IFAD always strives to foster cooperation, enthusiasm, and accountability for different perspectives, ideas and opinions of IFAD Group members.

Promotes Career Growth

At IFAD, we believe that navigating people into the right direction of enhancing their skills are the key to career growth. We nurture people’s potential, skill and abilities to prepare them for a flourishing career when the opportunities arise.

Nurtures a performance driven culture

We give the platform to our people to challenge themselves to improve, deliver and succeed through a positive mindset and motivation. They are always encouraged for continuous improvement.

Promotes Learning Experience

With persistent training and development programs, we identify skill gaps among our people through the right programs where they can learn and apply. Also, they have the opportunity to learn across a diversified workforce and versatility of work.

Promotes People’s Wellbeing

IFAD values and prioritizes its people. We assure their wellness and comfort. The importance of comfortable commuting to the office, quality food, long service benefits, health care and work-life balance are all acknowledged for a productive and healthy workplace.

Ensures People’s Engagement

We, at IFAD, ensure that our people find purpose and meaning from their work. We pave the way to increased involvement and enthusiasm towards a common goal that demonstrates high engagement and performance.