Gulf Oil Bangladesh

IFAD Autos PLC. and “Gulf Oil International” entered a Joint Venture to serve the Bangladesh market as Gulf Oil Bangladesh in 2018. A blending plant is currently underway at Mirsharai Economic Zone, which will also serve the local demand and regional export market. With a 100-year heritage, millions of customers globally recognize and trust the Gulf brand for fuel and lubricant products. Gulf's instantly recognizable orange disc is synonymous with high quality, innovation, and technical excellence worldwide.

Gulf Oil Bangladesh is a leading provider specializing in fuel retail stations, lubricants, and oil change services. While excelling in these core areas, our brand is distinguished by a history dating back to 1901. Reflecting on this extensive journey, we feel a profound pride for our numerous accomplishments, the enduring partnerships we've forged, the obstacles we've successfully navigated, and the collective milestones we celebrated together. As an unwavering team, we continue to build on this legacy, embodying resilience and excellence in our diverse offerings and collaborative endeavors.