Tashfeen Ahmed

Tashfeen Ahmed

Group Vice Chairman (iii)

About Tashfeen Ahmed

The Group Vice Chairman (iii) of IFAD Group is Tashfeen Ahmed. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from the University of Maryland and earned his MBA from American University in the U.S. He started working for IFAD group in 2012, leading all branding initiatives and developing an internal design and development agency.

He founded The Digital Professor, a provider of digital solutions delivering web development and digital marketing services, after establishing IFAD Information and Technology Ltd in 2014. The product portfolio of IFAD IT included IFAD IT vehicle tracking solutionsin 2016.

In addition, he oversees the business activities of IFAD Enterprises Ltd., Bangladesh's only distributor for ELGI Equipment of India's Industrial Grade Air Compressors. Over 2500 installations across the nation have been servicing clients since 2002, and that number is rising. The business currently dominates the nation's Industrial Air Compressor Sales and Service coverage.

Additionally, Mr. Tashfeen has been a leader in numerous CSR efforts in Bangladesh. He started social media campaigns to benefit street children and actively supports the Bangladeshi International Children's Animation and Cartoon Festival. He is in charge of IFAD Eggy's charitable division, which institutionally administerslots of CSR projects across the nation.