Tanveer Ahmed

Tanveer Ahmed

Group Vice Chairman (i)

About Tanveer Ahmed

The Group Vice Chairman (i) of IFAD Group is Tanveer Ahmed. In 2001, after completing his studies in the United States, he began working at IFAD Autos Ltd. He formed IFAD Enterprises Ltd. the next year as the sole dealership of ELGI Equipment of India to offer industrial-grade air Compressors in Bangladesh.

By entering the consumer foods sector as IFAD Multi Products Ltd in 2005, Mr. Tanveer oversaw IFAD's transformation into the real form of a conglomerate in Bangladesh. He thinks that IFAD has always upheld high standards for its clients and is dedicated to offering the highest-quality cuisine that distinguishes itself from the competition. The President's SME Award IFAD got in 2011 for outstanding Quality and Production Practices was a testimonial to his dedication. The application of HACCP in flour production systems, which has since evolved into the ISO 22000 certification, was pioneered by Mr. Tanveer in Bangladesh for ensuring cleanliness and flour quality. As a result, the quality standard applied to all future IFAD goods made with flour. The company has accepted the BRC (British Retail Consortium) standard and is SEDEX certified, going above and above to ensure food safety.

In addition to being featured in regional business journals like Arthokontho's Most Influential Young Businessmen, he was presented with and accepted The Bizz 2014 Business Excellence Award in Venice, Italy, for IFAD group.

In Bangladesh, Mr. Tanveer was the driving force behind programs that revolutionized corporate social responsibility. He helped establish and continues to support Bangladesh's third annual International Children's Animation and Cartoon Festival. The inaugural IFAD Go Green and Gomi Zero Bicycle Marathons, as well as IFAD Big Bangla Marathon Run in the city, were supported by him. He advocated for many more such endurance events to promote tourism and environmental consciousness.